Forget the football and three lions on a shirt on anthems! Swing low sweet chariot is the anthem of England sports fans right now!

The last time I was as excited about England Rugby was back in 2003 (16 years ago) When Martin Johnson & Johny Wilkinson lifting the World Cup Trophy after taking forward one of the strongest England Rugby teams ever!

Todays game was gripping throughout however England held their own against the warriors Kewi team! New Zealand won the last 2 rugby world titles back in 2015 and 2011!

The HAKA was amazing to watch, however we are ENGLAND and we did not crumble with fear, instead we hit the game head on from the start and held our own all of the way throughout the game.

This first half was purely dominated by England offence and we were crippling the New Zealand defence. The second half however was more questionable and England wobbled a few times within the last quarter of the game. Thankfully England re focused, and fought back to the last second of the game!

England will either meet South Africa or Wales in the Japan 2019 World

Final result on the game:

England 19

New Zealand 7

“It takes allot to beat New Zealand!” quoting the commentator at the end of the Semi Final today!

The final will be England Vs ? at 9am 2nd November 2019

Having played Rugby and being a big fan my entire life, lets aim to bring the trophy home!