I have finally taken back to blogging on my website!

I’m finishing off my first 2 books in time for Christmas, the 1st is a self help book for men / autobiography on my life story and the 2nd is all about the truths about todays obesity trends, identifying with problems within the fitness industry & more importantly guiding both men and women to not just lose body fat however, more importantly to keep it off for life!

Blogging is something I should’ve kept up many years ago. Unfortunately my website had to be redone in a bit of a rush so I had to restart from scratch and lost allot of previous content! However, I am a firm believer that my knowledge and experience has got better after 20 years of sport, 15 years personal training experience and over 30,000 hours of 1-2-1 personal training sessions! Despite the website not being the best I do plan to bring to you the best possible content I can!

So lets get to the very point of this particular blog! 

I started as a personal trainer back in 2005, back then it was more about health, fitness improvements, sports specific training with more of a holistic lifestyle approach where obesity wasn’t as much of an issue in the UK compared to what it is like now. I’d occasionally have someone in need with obesity or overweight issues and with some acceptance and effort on their lifestyles great changes would happen very often.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same today, 15 years on, almost the year 2020 and obesity is a huge problem today in western culutre especially in the UK where I am from. Peoples attitudes have changed, many people want unreasonable results quickly and don’t think of the longterm damaging affects of crash dieting. More now than ever people are more easily offended and take offence to everything including hard truths and proven evidence. I have seen a huge upward trend correlation with poor motivation, poor nutrition, obesity, mental health, social media usage, mobile phone usage, addictions, loneliness etc.

Worse still I have seen the same pattern every year for the past decade! “Il do something about it in the new year!” This is the same repeated excuse I see each and every year and guess what?! The same people are doing the same diets year after year in the new year, some years they lose the weight for a few months, to then go back to where they were at the start if not worse by rebound affects! Most diets cause a rebound effect when you stop! I.e. putting on more weight after the diet before starting the diet.

The health and fitness industry today is a multi billion industry globally and its a shame that there are so many poorly educated, unexperienced, non insured, influencer Instagram wannabes pushing fad diets and unrealistic new quick fix solutions in pursuit of making a quick buck!

So we have a serious issue!

“Bad influencers wanting to make a quick buck pushing fad unrealistic sustainable concepts / diets to people who have unrealistic expectations from their new found diet or fad.” So uneducated people trying to influence & educate the uneducated consumer!!?

Im speaking with truth, honesty and directness from now on, unfortunately these words within this blog may offend people but that’s ok with me! Why? Because we have a major issue today with poor health, obesity trends, mental health and this is usually down to the fact that many fitness professionals tell people what they want to hear and not what they need to hear!

Why Obesity is a problem today in the UK?

  • Obesity is a painful circle for many as I have seen the desire to want to change and transform however with increased issues with mental health, low self esteem, low confidence, low motivation sometimes its easier to not bother than to start, but when you see changes life gets much easier!
  • The NHS are financially strained as a result of obesity, financial statistics demonstrate this as a bed or surgery table can cost £10’000s and other health issues are growing due to obesity!
  • Increased risks of cancers, heart disease, organ issues, respiratory, joint problems, back pain & more are all on the rise due to obesity.
  • Many people I observe today abuse themselves with unhealthy lifestyles (excessive calories / food, sugar, alcohol, addictions, drugs, smoking etc) to then want a quick fix unrealistic solution.
  • Throwing money at a problem will not make you fit and healthy, continued discipline, effort and continually challenging plateaus is key! I do not accept blame for someone not sticking to a plan!
  • People are becoming more lonely and isolated, glued to their mobiles and social media more than ever.
  • People do not move as much as they used to, opting to take the easier option! ordering takeaways via a mobile app, not walking or cycling to work, relying on vehicles to move around. Technology has evolved to replaced most tasks which made humans fit and active!
  • & the list continues

10 tips to get leaner and healthier this Christmas?

  • Start now! Too many people park the idea every year after over indulging thus never seeing results longterm forever forcing themselves into the forever yoyo diet culture
  • If you struggle with motivation start with a personal trainer or join a fitness group / class. Being  around people with similar health concerns and goals as you is great to stay motivated! Be aware you’ll also get more respect from the fitness coach starting before Christmas rather than doing what most people do and leave it till the new year!
  • Introduce daily fitness activities either at the gym, exercise videos, swimming, yoga, classes etc.
  • Walk more daily
  • Cook more with natural whole food ingredients and sit down in a relaxed environment.
  • Use Christmas as a period of reflection and map out a healthier longterm solution to look after yourself better!
  • Relax more! Try yoga, swimming, walking, reading, spend time with friends and animals. Christmas can be a stressful time for many (I know as I do retail, DJ and PT over the festive period and it is bonkers!). Christmas can also be a lonely time for many as I have noticed a huge upward trend in loneliness due to excessive internet use, poor communication and lack of social skills with people. I have a whole section on this in my book coming soon!
  • Limit junk food, takeaways and alcohol to once a week if your used to these habits daily as I’ve seen allot of people being “all or nothing” over the years.
  • Accept your health and fitness journey is a lifestyle choice and should never be seen as a “quick fix!” Why do you think 95% of people starting diets fail? Because they want instant results (which do happen but most rebound), but lose track of the longterm goal that is a healthier longterm healthy lifestyle
  • Use Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years day as rest days! I have done this for years! I have been below 5% body fat doing photo shoots days before Christmas Day in the past, but I do keep special days as rest days! This allows me to enjoy the festive period and still stay on top of my health / physique goals at the same time. Although, if I did no exercise and ate myself into oblivion over the whole of December I’d balloon! I witness this every year! Don’t start next year, START NOW!

On most blog posts I will be doing video blog versions so make sure to tune into my youtube.com/gmtownsend 

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