50 ways men and women can reduce stress

Stress is a silent killer! I have known multiple people over the years die of heart disease and live difficult lives due to mental, emotional and external stresses.

Some people may argue that stress doesn’t affect them, however science has proven that stress affects your mind and body more ways than most people realise!

  1. Buy a dog! (my number one tip for any man!)
  2. Read and create contracts that will stick in court!
  3. Know where you stand with people by speaking your mind
  4. Choose friends wisely
  5. Avoid drama
  6. Stay away from toxic relationships
  7. Try meditation
  8. Try yoga
  9. Consider swimming,
  10. sauna / steam
  11. warm baths
  12. Have a full body massage
  13. Lemon water daily
  14. Improve your digestion system
  15. Improve hydration
  16. Regularly eat well
  17. Take time out
  18. Enjoy retreats
  19. Take time out travelling
  20. Enjoy your hobbies
  21. Occasional drink at a pub with friends
  22. Socialise more than phone use
  23. Become creative and make things
  24. Workout at the gym
  25. Take up boxing or martial arts
  26. Take up a trade or new skill set
  27. Go shopping
  28. Read self improvement books or novels
  29. Play a computer game once in a while
  30. Get better sleep and make sure your mattress works for you
  31. Take better care of your health
  32. Visit the doctor when concerns occur
  33. Take up decent insurance premiums to off set risk
  34. Take up a Bupa, emergency health care plan
  35. Write a book
  36. Try slow deep and controlled breathing
  37. Listen to soothing music
  38. Limit alcohol
  39. Limit caffeine
  40. Limit sugar consumption
  41. Chew gum instead of eating sugar or caffeine
  42. Take an afternoon nap
  43. Better manage your time
  44. Forward plan
  45. Be organised with a diary
  46. Use positive affirmations
  47. Buy a stress ball
  48. Create a quiet Zen space (chill out room!)
  49. Relax in the sun
  50. Go for a walk or play golf!

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