Expect results

Your fitness results are dependent on nutritional requirements – I will consider this in order for you to reach your targets are how to adjust your diet accordingly.

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GTPT have personal trainers all across the UK, including Birmingham, London, Stratford Upon Avon, Oxfordshire, Warwick and Worcestershire.

Tailored Nutrition Plan

I will personally tailor a nutritional plan for your goals. After a few back and forth questions i’ll see what I can do to help your indvidual needs with a realistic nutritional plan.

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Within the UK, obesity levels are set to sore, with heart disease and stress levels rising all of the time. The majority of people we see wish to turn their life round by changing their diet and start exercising, some may wish to progress their diet to better their exercise or sport.

GTPT always ask their clients what other attributing factors as well as your diet is affecting your life?

  • Work / Life Stresses?
  • Lack of Sleep?
  • Lack of Rest?
  • Hormonal Challenges?
  • Deprived of Energy?
  • Lack of Motivation? / Enthusiasm?
  • Alcohol? / Smoking? / Drugs?
  • And more

All of the above as well as lack of exercise and a good diet can attribute to gaining no results.
Help to combat the above with a diet and lifestyle plan tailored to your needs. Together we can work out a diet and lifestyle plan which;

  • Is realistic
  • Suits your lifestyle
  • Suits the type of training your doing
  • Helps to prevent future health issues
  • Increases a healthy well being
  • Allows you to think for yourself when it comes to eating out or cooking yourself

Prevention is always better than cure; why not address your life and diet now?

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