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[wtr_highlight]Free[/wtr_highlight] and friendly consultation

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Home, Commercial and Corporate Gym Design

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Partnered with all the major European fitness equipment suppliers.

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Looking for value?

As we’re extremely respected in the fitness industry, network with all top European suppliers & don’t have the conventional overheads in the fitness industry! We can offer our savings & experience in the fitness world to our clientele.
We have existing clients in Birmingham, Manchester & London & continue to sell to independents UK wide!
We do have deals regularly available for private gym owners & PT Studio owners!
Own a private gym or PT Studio? Get in touch!

Home Gym Design

GT Personal Training can show you how to convert a room or space at your home to build a bespoke gym for you to train. Turn an unwanted space into a great fitness outfit suited to your needs! Get in touch!

Commercial Gym Design

The design and layout of your fitness gym, hotel or spa is just as important as the equipment you choose. Our commercial consultants at GT Personal Training are fully experienced in turning your dreams to reality.
From creating initial layouts for new gyms to making changes in an existing fitness area, our project manager will work with you to make sure transition from blueprint to finished gym is completed on time and on budget. Whatever the project, GT Personal Training’s gym design department will create the best fitness environment possible. Get in touch!

Corporate Gym Design

An office gym will help your employees to feel more energized and therefore will help them perform to the best of their capabilities, plus improving better productivity and staff morale.

Our team at GTPT will work creatively to your brief and budget to design and install a fitness area that will meet all of your requirements, maximize the space available and of provide health benefits to your employees.
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